Chantal Cormoiboeuf Turvey
Simply Chantal Horsewoman Chantal Turvey Corminboeuf

Simply Chantal

Chantal (Turvey) Corminboeuf is a passionate and inspired horsewomen in the midst of an amazing career that runs deep into the hearts of horses, those who love them and the entertainment industry.

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen her work! She has trained the equine stars of such movies as Selma, Underground as well as The Walking Dead television series as well as others.

She spent many years as the co-creator of performances with stuntman and trick horse trainer, Tommie Turvey.

Workshops & Talks

Chantal has traveled extensively in the United States and Canada offering workshops, clinics and talks on topics she holds close to her own heart. Learn more here.

Chantal Corminbeouf Horsemanship Clinics

Children’s Program

She has also created a one-of-a-kind program for children that highlights good manners, working with horses as fellow presenters! See her Offerings page for detailed info.

Simply Chantal Children's Manners Program

Simply Chantal’s Private Clinics

Chantal is dedicated to helping people and equines re-discover lost trust, invent new collaborations and create beautiful partnerships together. She says “I am blessed to be able to serve humans and horses in my journey.” Learn more here.

Chantal Corminboeuf horsemanship clinics


Chantal has also created some truly inspired performances with her own team that can add to the joy of any event or gala, corporate, equine or more intimate settings.

Chantal has partnered with a pair of horses with distinct personalities and spellbinding abilities. Meet Nicolas and Razor the little man here.

Simply Chantal Equine Performances