On Be Unbreakable, the Radio Show, we will explore how to be unbreakable in your faith, your words, your actions, and your emotions and how horses can be the impetus for change in your life as they have been for so many others.

In the first episode, I will tell you the dramatic story of how I came to have my amazing horse Nicholas in my life and how the ordeal changed my life. Nicholas is my working partner and my friend. Nicholas is a movie star, performer and most of all of teacher of how to live your life as a strong, confident and honest person.

Tune in to the Alive Radio Network Saturday at 6:30 PM. 11:00 PM or Sunday at 4:30 AM & 8:30 PM, or you can find a link to the show on Facebook at SimplyChantal or at www.LongShadowsHorses.org, or at  www.AliveRadioNetwork.com.