Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year. My year has started out in an interesting and meaningful way. I am lucky to be living at Idlewild in Wellington, Florida this winter doing work that I love. Life at Idlewild is full of rich experiences. The atmosphere here is special in a way that is hard to describe because it is the embodiment of the owner and my friend John. John’s energy drives creativity and inspiration in everyone here. Idlewild is not just a farm. It has a unique gallery with elegant teak treasures from sustainable wood from the South Pacific. I help in the store and I am able to use my hands and my creativity to restore many of the treasures.  I am also doing my own art which really brings me joy. Working with my hands is fulfilling and also restorative to my body and spirit. I have also made time every day to meditate and do yoga.

I also wanted to explore something new and out of my comfort zone,  so I started taking acting classes. I love it and I have met really interesting and colorful new people.

Pistou, Nicolas and Razor are thoroughly enjoying the warm weather and relaxed atmosphere. Razor’s mane is turning white in the sun. They are not totally on vacation because we are preparing for a busy Spring.  For instance, Razor will be shooting his own movie starting in March in Tennessee. And, new opportunities for clinics are coming up weekly. I will posting them on my website, Simplychantal.com in the Events Calendar and in Social Media.

I am excited to start posting and sharing my experiences.  One thing that my dad impressed upon me is that I can do anything. His message, as well as my intellectual curiosity, have always driven me to learn new things. Today, what I feel and appreciate every day is not just the freedom to explore and learn something new every day as well as meet and enjoy new people but it is a beautiful sense of purpose. I’m not just going through life to go through it. I am going through life to live it better every day and help others to do the same.