On February 12, I was honored to be part of a beautiful group of people for the launch of a new book entitled “Je veux vivre” (I want to live). The book features 23 stories of men and women who have risen victoriously from abusive relationships.

The voices are ageless, without gender, or race, or any socioeconomic level.  They are universal and common to all of us.  Every story acknowledges the changes inflicted upon us by the abuse but also the will and power to rise above the effects of such a relationship and live better with more knowledge and understanding of ourselves and others. Prevention and education are the goals of the book.

The process starts with a denunciation. Why? Because, if we continue to be silent, the abusers gain strength. We learned of the many men who are also victims of violence, both verbal and physical. They feel so ashamed and scared to be judged, that they will never speak of their trauma.  For everyone, abusive relationships are dangerous and damaging. They are only worse when we suffer in silence.

This book was conceived by Sylvie Morin. She is the director of a women’s shelter in Canada where, with her team, she helps hundreds of victims every year and guides them to live a victorious and happy life. She was there for me and I am very thankful to have her in my life. Even if I was in another country I find refuge and support from Sylvie at la Bouie.

The speaker for this beautiful project is Nathalie Simard. I invite you to look at her Facebook page, “like” and share. Nathalie is a courageous woman who did denounce her abuser years ago. Because she is a public personality, going public about the abuse was more difficult. I truly admire and respect her. There is no one better to support our cause. It is a cause for all to know, understand and work to prevent.


La vie est Belle et Bonne a Vivre !!!