Workshops & Clinics

Chantal Turvey Corminboeuf private workshops

Three Day Clinic with horses for up to six people.

A workshop focused on your goals & needs in partnership with your horse

Starting on Friday afternoon. I will meet each participant in private and discuss with you your dreams, hopes, and wishes for you and your horse.

We will meet at 9 AM Saturday morning to identify your expectations and make a plan for a perfect weekend of training for you and your horse. We’ll start the day with a short session of stretching for strength and better balance. We will do a lot of groundwork.

Your horse will leave with all the lateral movement needed for level one dressage. Developing perfect balance through lateral movement will enable you to achieve better control under saddle.

Clinic Cost

Chantal’s costs are not per person; they are per Clinic. The more people, up to six, the lower the price per person. The maximum number of people and their horses preferred is six.

Friday afternoon is complimentary when a Clinic is scheduled for a weekend.

Cost of clinic her person-horse pair:

2 people – $1000 each
3 people – $667 each
4 people- $500 each
5 people- $400 each
6 people- $334 each

Chantal Turvey Corminboeuf private workshops

Customized Workshops & Sessions, with or without Horses, for Individuals, Couples, Teens and Executive Teams

Who can benefit from a clinic, workshop, or private session with Chantal?

·     Anyone searching for a more confident and fulfilling life.

·     Couples who feel their relationship needs a better and more honest and intimate connection.

·     Anyone who has experienced abuse of any kind and wants self-esteem and positive energy to guide their life instead of self-doubt and guilt.

·     All teens and children who will learn self-awareness, empathy, and self-love.

·     Executive teams who want to maximize their effectiveness and positive work environment.

Workshop and session costs are determined on an individual basis. 

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What People Are Saying…..

Chantal, thank you for giving me a new found joy in working with my miniature horse Dandy. Your professionalism in working with me and Dandy has helped us to successfully complete our training and has started us on our goal to perform for the public.

Not only did you teach dandy tricks, but you also taught me that I am capable of bringing out the best in my horse and now have confidence that I can do this. Spending time with you and your attitude has given me a new way of looking at myself and life.

I am no longer walking like an old woman(lol), but walk standing tall with my head up and feeling good about myself.  

Dandy’s ‘mom’

Chantal I wanted to thank you for all you did for me and Ninja. I know he was a challenge and so was I (not sure which was the biggest). 😊

I realized when you were in Fla. that you were the heart and soul of your operation, You recognized my struggles and helped me, You were constantly challenging and could see my weaknesses which I am still working on. You were fun and easy to be with and I knew I would only improve.

Since I have been home I am able to work with Ninja with a lot more confidence. I know he still needs riding time but we are slowly getting there. I still work on posture and my seat trying to stay centered. Just wanted you to know how grateful I am. Wishing you the best.  

Helen & Ninja  

Dear Chantal, I just had to email you a quick note and, “THANK YOU” again for your wonderful hospitality to me, my husband Doug, and both our horses, Robin and Sara.  

We all benefited wonderfully from our week long visit with you.  The unbelievable personal attention and knowledge you showed me and my horses was outstanding.   Speaking straight as a consumer, I like being treated with respect and I demand my horses be treated with respect.   All in all, my money was very well spent with you.  Not only are you an incredible horse trainer, but I consider you to be one of the nicest human beings I have ever come to know. After spending a little over a week with you, I consider you to be not only one of my most knowledgeable horse friends, but most importantly, a truly good person.  That means more to me than you can ever imagine.

Thanks again for allowing the four of us to be a part of your life.

Becky K. – Ohio